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Are you sick of maintaining that big old server in your backroom that hikes up your power bill and is always on the fritz? How about seeing ads for the latest business solutions for your bookkeeping or database management, and feeling how light your wallet is? Do you wish you could just access all of the applications you need in one easy-to-use system?

Wishes can come true.

At Hanebutt, we’re thrilled to be taking advantage of an innovative new technology to streamline business information technology: hosted virtual systems. Virtualization makes it easy to consolidate everything you need your technology to do into a single source, easily accessed and maintained. With Hanebutt hosting your system, you don’t have to worry about licensing fees, server management, or fluctuating costs of power or maintenance – we take care of it all, and you can just log in and get to work.

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It’s time to get rid of your server and find out how virtualization can save you money, time, space, and frustration. There’s no cookie-cutter solution for virtualization – we customize it completely to fit YOUR needs. We’ll meet, discuss what you use your technology for, and together we’ll figure out what will best fit your needs and your budget.

Whether it’s moving just parts of your systems into a hosted virtual network, say for a specific program suite that you can’t afford on its own, or to take everything you do and move it all into the cloud to be accessed via Internet browser – we can help you learn what your options are so you can make an informed decision as to what’s best for you. Whatever works best, there are a lot of benefits to virtualization.


Virtualization is incredibly affordable, and it opens up possibilities for small and mid-sized businesses that just were never available before.

  • You pay one flat-rate monthly fee for your service.
  • No maintenance fees, no extra costs to your power bill because of a hefty server in the back room, and no need to replace an aging server.
  • The service is incredibly flexible – choose the size and scope of your service, down to the number of users you want access for, and pay only for that. If your needs change over time, then your service can change to match!
  • Access high-end applications and products without paying licensing fees; we pay the fee and let you access the service on our


A hosted virtual system is stored in the cloud. That means it’s easy to access it from any device that can go online. It’s simple, and it’s easy. Period.

  • All of our interfaces are user-friendly and designed to meet YOUR needs and standards.
  • We’ll ensure you can easily access your virtual system from a variety of devices, whether it’s on your office computer, on a web browser from home, or via an app on your mobile phone.
  • We’ll consolidate all your systems into one easy-to-access location. No more poking around to find the program you’re looking for – everything is right at your fingertips without a lot of excess to get in the way, and it’s faster and more reliable than ever before.


Many business owners worry about the security of the cloud. We make sure your virtual system meets YOUR standards when it comes to security, so your data remains safe and confidential at all times.

  • Security protocols like encryption, passcodes, and user authentication ensure only you and your employees can access your systems. It’s also easy to customize who can access what information, giving you control over access to your secure information.
  • We monitor your virtual system 24/7 to ensure any potential problems are immediately caught, identified, and dealt with before they can disrupt your business.
  • Your virtual system is also safe from any disaster that could damage the equipment in your office. Even if a fire destroyed your onsite computers, you could easily access your systems from a laptop or your home computer, and keep working like there was no interruption at all.

Ultimately, though, we want to know what YOU want in a hosted virtual system. We’re ready to meet with you, learn about what you want your technology to do for you, and design a customized virtual solution for YOUR needs.

See for yourself how Hanebutt Technologies can change the way you look at your IT. Contact us to schedule a free no-obligation review of your Kansas City business systems by calling (913) 8_97-8000 or sending us an email at today.

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