Security Consultation

Protect your technology from hackers and malicious threats

At Hanebutt, we put robust security systems in place to protect any business from cybercriminals. We analyze your current security system for weak points and ensure any vulnerabilities are patched. Our security experts follow these three steps to keep your IT infrastructure safe.


Finding Exploits in the System

To defeat a hacker, you’ve got to think like one. That means looking at your business like we’re planning to attack it.

  • We’ll analyze your existing security settings, looking for aging technologies, missed steps, broken systems, and overlooked vulnerabilities.
  • We’ll test your defenses by seeing if they can be breached and we will address these weaknesses accordingly.
  • This way, we’ll learn where you’re vulnerable, and what needs to be addressed first in order to keep you safe.

Improving Your Network Security

Once we know where you’re vulnerable, we can take preventive measures to ensure your safety. That means improving your network security settings and tools, addressing your key weak points, and eliminating any loopholes in your defenses.

  • We’ll make certain that you’re using the right antivirus program, anti-spam protocols, firewalls, and other security services.
  • We’ll install the proper updates and upgrades to your existing systems so there are no backdoors that can be exploited.
  • We’ll also put in the right scanning capabilities to constantly check your systems for signs of trouble.

Planning and Monitoring for Future Problems

We will watch out for future threats, whether they're targeting your systems or staff.

  • We will perform 24/7 remote monitoring on your network, so if there’s ever a threat detected, we can immediately react to keep you safe.
  • Our team conducts regular maintenance and upgrades to your systems as necessary, so you’re not weakened by aging or inefficient technology.
  • We stay informed on new threats so we can update your security systems regularly to keep you protected from new malware and hacking techniques.