Microsoft Office 365

Maximize cloud services with Microsoft Office 365

The Microsoft Office suite is one of the most widely used office productivity tools around the world and with the advent of cloud computing, this suite has evolved into Microsoft Office 365. There are a lot of cost- and time-saving benefits to this cloud service such as:

  • Familiarity and Functionality – The functionality of Office365 programs is the same as their traditional counterparts, which means your team can do the same tasks and not worry about compatibility issues.
  • Scalability – Since it is a cloud-based platform, Office365 is more versatile than the original suite and can be scaled to meet the needs of your growing business, saving you time and money.
  • Security and Reliability – Our team will set up Office365 for your organization with multiple layers of security that mitigate disasters and keep your data and access safe. Microsoft guarantees 99.99% uptime, so you can always rely on these systems.

Migrating to Office 365

Is your current setup hindering productivity? Do you want to switch over to the cloud but don’t know how? Migrating to the cloud can eat into your resources because a typical 25-user project includes 5 major phases, 200+ tasks, 40 hours of effort, and usually 2–6 weeks to complete.

Hanebutt Technologies can help you smoothly make the transition to Office 365 while minimizing any downtime in your workflow. We know how valuable your records are, and what a pain it is to have to copy settings and data from one place to another. Our migration service ensures everything is seamlessly migrated to your new Office 365 solution without any fuss or hassle.

  • We can move data from virtually any existing system to Office 365. This can range from an on-premises mail server to another hosted solution.
  • We will transfer content, data, and settings so you can have the same information and capabilities in Office 365 as you used before.