A Complete IT Experience by Hanebutt

We’ll design a Complete IT Experience that fits your business’ needs and budget — all for a flat-rate monthly fee.

Hanebutt Technologies believes in delivering managed IT services that live up to our high standards and follow the values that we believe in. Here’s what we provide to all our customers:



  • Our 24/7 remote monitoring helps catch IT issues as soon as they arise so we can take care of them before you even know there was a problem.
  • We engage in proactive maintenance and best -practices to keep your systems in optimal working condition so that your IT is always fast, reliable, and available.


  • We analyze your IT systems for any weak points so we can provide the right services to stop cybercrime and keep you safe.
  • We provide disaster recovery planning to back up your important files and ensure you can keep working in the face of any disaster.


  • Our IT consultants will provide strategic solutions for your future IT investments, keeping you within your budget but also improving your systems to keep up with the latest technology.
  • By managing and hosting your services, we take care of any maintenance costs, and we will decrease existing expenses like your power and phone bills.


  • Our cloud technologies free you from your desk and let you share files, access work remotely, and free up space and time to focus on your business.
  • We also offer virtualization