Email Security

Secure your emails against external threats.

At Hanebutt, we don’t take your email for granted since it is the cornerstone of your business communications. That’s why we make email one of our top priorities when it comes to IT security. It’s more than just keeping it free from viruses and spam — we make sure you can always rely on your email to be up and running at all times. Our email security services focus on three key features.


Security & Reliability

Above all else, your email needs to be secured from potential threats, and you need to know you can access it whenever necessary.

  • We provide complete protection from spam and viruses, both incoming and outgoing, so your sensitive information is always protected.
  • The right security settings and passwords will keep your email private and safe from hackers and malicious competitors.
  • Regular backups of your email will ensure you never have to worry about lost messages or accidentally deleted emails, and you’ll also be able to access your email archives whether you’re online or not.
  • Cloud service for your email enables easy access with an internet connection, and it is safe from any disaster that could affect your office equipment.


Email is useful for more than just communicating — you also use it to keep a record of your correspondence.

  • Redundant backups in the cloud mean you get multiple layers of protection against data loss or potential deletions.
  • We make sure it’s easy to sort through your backed-up archives, and follow the trails of emails as they relate to each other.
  • Even if an email is deleted from your main inbox, you can easily go through your backup archives to retrieve it if necessary.


A good email service keeps up with your needs. We make constant improvements so that you can use it for every occasion.

  • Using a cloud-based email service makes it easy to scale your emails to your exact size and needs. As you grow and change, so will your email service.
  • The cloud is accessible from anywhere via the internet, so your email can be easily accessed at work, home, or on a mobile device.
  • We’ll sync up your email services across all your devices, so it’s easy to find your emails no matter where you originally read them.