Data Backup

We back up your data securely and recover it when you need it.

Disaster preparedness and recovery means more than just backing up your files in a spare hard drive. We help you prepare for unexpected problems by having the right technology in place. Recovering your data is easy and you can get back to business in no time.


Backing Up Your Entire System

It’s not enough to just back up your files. When you’re working to recover from a disaster, you need access to everything you might have lost, right down to the settings on your computers. We will save a virtual picture of how your systems look. This means that:

  • When you recover using an image backup, it’s like starting exactly where you left off. Your files can be recovered, but your operating system(s), settings, and applications are also available for recovery.
  • We’ll save your image backups in your office for quick and easy retrieval, but we will also store them off-site in a secure data center where they’ll be safe from any disaster that could damage your on-site equipment.
  • If your on-site equipment is ever damaged, we can use your image backups to boot up a virtual copy of your computer systems in the cloud. You can access that virtual environment from any computer that can go online, so it’s easy to keep working even if your entire office is destroyed.

Testing Your Backups to Prove They Work

We make sure that your backups work by testing the backup process regularly. If one backup fails, we’ll immediately restart the process. We’re here to ensure you’ve got the right tools and planning to survive anything Mother Nature or human error can throw your way.