Cloud Solutions

Work from anywhere with cloud services

At Hanebutt, we help your business get more productive with the cloud. With the power of cloud technology, you can reap the following benefits:

  • Employees' enhanced network access enables collaboration on documents and projects from any location.
  • System streamlining increases speed and reliability.
  • Cloud services are economical and flexible, which means that you can customize your technology and optimize your current setup.
  • Using the cloud lets businesses more easily scale and adapt to new structures.
  • Cloud systems are secured with multiple layers of protection so your data is secure.

So what do cloud services look like and what can they do for your company? Here are just some of the possibilities:


Remote Working

The cloud mobilizes your communications. You can free yourself from the desk and communicate whenever, wherever you want, whether that’s through:

  • A VoIP phone network that you can access on any Internet-enabled device
  • Email that isn’t based out of your office server
  • Cloud apps and portals that allow for collaboration on projects, sharing information and working together, virtually

Virtual Systems

There are hundreds of virtual systems that can help with using the cloud but they are not all compatible with your business. Our job is to find the right services for your cloud systems and then create the training programs and procedures to use them well.

  • Remote file sharing that makes it easy to collaborate on projects and documents from a single source, and you can include clients and vendors in your service to send large files easily.
  • Our virtualization solution can integrate all the applications you use into a hosted system that can be accessed out of the cloud, so you can work on your office systems from home or on the go.