Apple Support

Our team of Apple-certified technicians can provide support for any of your Apple products.

Hanebutt helps you get the most out of Apple systems. Here are just some of the services we can offer you:


Setting Up Apple Systems for Your Business

  • Apple systems are easy to manage and offer a high level of reliability with a low potential of malware or other viruses.
  • Apple devices are fast and reliable, easy to use, and can deploy apps and books in large numbers with ease.
  • Mobile device management is built into iOS, making it easy to build and maintain a network of devices that share information and make collaboration and mobile working easy.
  • Separating business and personal use on Apple devices is easy, so you can let employees use their own devices without fear of security breaches.

Migrating from Windows to Mac

  • If you want to make the switch, we can ensure it’s smooth and easy for your business.
  • We’ll consult with you on the different options offered by Apple so we can determine which devices and systems are best for your business.
  • We’ll make a timetable, budget, and plan for the migration and oversee the entire project, so all you have to do is watch your new Apple system come together.

Apple Security and Support

  • Dedicated Mac-based support from our technicians
  • Regular maintenance of your Apple devices to install necessary updates and upgrades, and to clean out any bugs bogging down your speed and productivity
  • Best practices developed over time and experience with many other Mac devices, helping avoid potential problems
  • 24/7 remote monitoring of your Apple network to immediately catch, identify, and resolve problems before they can disrupt your business.
  • Assistance with installation, administration, upgrades, and other tasks relating to your Apple devices