Using Microsoft Word? You Must Use These 5 Tips.

Microsoft Word continues to be the leader when it comes to word processors (OK, that’s an oldie but a goodie term). Really, can you think of any other tool that you can use to prepare documents, letters, quotes and articles other than Microsoft Word? Probably not! WordPerfect hasn’t been around for years, and the free stuff from OpenOffice doesn’t even come close when comparing features.

Using Facebook? Here Are 5 Settings You Must Change Today!

Facebook continues to add new features and services at an alarming rate, many times without even telling you what they are or what they do. Have you been jaded by a new Facebook feature that exposed your personal life to the Internet? Many of us have been without our knowledge – that’s the way Facebook rolls.

Book Your Zero-Risk and No-Obligation Communications Review and Learn How VoIP Phones Can Save You Money Without Jeopardizing Your Ability to Serve Your Clients

How much does your business spend every month on your phone bill? Your first answer is probably “more than you’d like,” but it’s actually closer to “more than you need to.”

In order to stay connected with your clients and colleagues, you’re probably spending upwards of a few hundred dollars every month on your phone system.

Did You Sneak a Peek at Your Work Email Over the Labor Day Weekend?

If you are like many in today’s corporate world, you couldn’t resist the urge to check your corporate email some time over the holiday weekend. We’re all guilty of it. Some of us are even the type to check our email before we even get out of bed in the morning, and to have one last peek before hitting the hay.

Disasters Always Strike at the Worst Times – From Accidental Deletions to Technical Meltdowns, Don’t Take Risks! We Offer Cloud Backup for Businesses!

Would your business be able to recover in the event of data loss? In all honesty, most businesses are unable to recover. In fact, 78% of businesses that suffer significant data loss are out of business within 6 months! Ultimately, your data is constantly at risk – from human errors such as hardware spills and accidental deletions to natural disasters such as floods and fires, there’s a wide range of risks threating the security and accessibility of your data!

That’s where we come in: {company} offers Cloud Backup for Businesses in {city}! We keep your data safe against a wide range of threats, from human errors natural disasters; you’re able to rest assured knowing your data is recoverable.


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