Email is the Leading Cause of Data Breaches in the Healthcare Industry

Have You Implemented Appropriate Safeguards to Protect Your Healthcare Organization Against Hefty Fines?

When it comes to HIPAA compliance, regulations are becoming stricter than ever before. Do you allow your staff members to send protected health information (PHI) via email? If so, it’s fundamental to ensure you’re taking precautions to safeguard PHI sent and received via email.

Is Your Internet Browser Going BERserk?

Are you using Chrome or Firefox to browse the Internet? If so, IMMEDIATELY make sure you’ve got the latest updates for these Internet browsers.


A very dangerous security flaw has been identified that lets hackers and malware skip over the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) of Google Chrome and Firefox.

72.4% of Law Offices Have Adopted the Use of Cloud Computing to Better Serve Their Clients!

Has Your Law Office Fallen Behind? {company} Helps You Leverage Cloud-Based Technologies to Improve Your Practice!

Do you think your law firm can stay competitive without adopting innovative technologies? If so, think again! In the modern legal industry, law firms simply can’t afford to take the time to write and file information in a folder, then shuffle through the folder every time something comes up! Instead, law firms must adopt innovative technologies to stay fast, efficient, and secure while serving their clients.

88% of Malware Targets Mobile Devices – Don’t Let Mobile Devices Pose a Threat to Your Corporate Network!

While mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, are becoming more popular than ever before in the workplace; is it safe to have mobile devices connecting to the corporate network? As employees continue to utilize personally owned smartphones and tablets to access business resources, it’s fundamental to consider the potential security risks associated with mobile devices accessing the corporate network.

Important Notice to Healthcare Organizations: Complying With HIPAA Isn’t Enough – Are You In Compliance With MIPSA?

So you’ve heard of HIPAA, time and time again, but have you heard of the Medical Information Privacy and Security Act (MIPSA)? Since the enactment of MIPSA, the gaps in federal privacy law have been closed to protect personally identifiable health information; and although many healthcare organizations aren’t aware, it’s fundamental to ensure compliance.