6 Advanced Excel Functions to Help You Shine in the Workplace!

Microsoft Excel has become one of the most popular pieces of software in the business world. And while Excel functions are meant to make inputting data simpler, some people are overwhelmed considering there are more than 400 functions! Fortunately, here are the top 6 advanced functions to help you shine in the workplace:

IF(B3 > D3,”B is larger”,”D is larger”)

An IF Function calculates whether a condition is true or false for a specific cell.

Using Remote Desktops to Protect Your Data

Enabling remote access on your computer requires a series of simple steps. Once set up is complete, you can remotely access your desktop through any Windows computer!

Windows XP introduced Windows OS users to the remote desktop function. Remote Desktop means remotely accessing your computer through local area networks (LAN) or the internet.

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