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The Full Experience – What Are YOU Looking For From Your IT?
There are a lot of companies out there in Kansas City who can sell you some IT products and fix a broken computer for you. That’s not all that complicated. We think you deserve more, and you deserve better.

Focusing on Your Needs First – Our Policy and Our Philosophy

It’s easy for a company to say that they put your needs first. Talk to any IT company out there, and they’ll all say that. It’s a lot harder to put your money where you mouth is and actually DO it.

We don’t pay lip service to your needs.

At Hanebutt, we’ve developed a set of policies that we adhere to in everything we do to ensure we stay focused on your needs.

Have You Applied These Critical Microsoft, Adobe & Oracle Updates to Protect Your Computer Network? Apply Them IMMEDIATELY or Become the Next Victim of Hackers!

Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday updates have been released – a total of nine updates and three of them are rated critical to address various issues in IE and all versions (6 through 11) of Windows. If you haven’t updated your PCs and applied these patches, you’re at risk for becoming victim to serious vulnerabilities that allow hackers to gain remote access to your computers!

So what exactly do the updates address? Well, the first three critical updates fix remote code execution bugs:

One of them addresses bugs in IE and Windows
Two of them address bugs in Windows.

Ready to Expand Your Business?

Take the Opportunity to Upgrade Outdated Phone Systems & Antiquated Technologies for Improved Efficiency at the New Office!

When you’re relocating to a new office, it’s always a time-consuming and stressful experience. Whether you’re a large enterprise or small to mid-size business, it’s all about the time and detail that’s put into planning.

Data Breaches Resulting from Disgruntled Employees Are on the Rise! What Happens to Sensitive Business Data When an Employee Leaves the Company?

It’s never easy to let go of an employee, but sometimes, it simply has to be done; whether you’ve fired the employee or the employee decided to move on to another company. So what happens to your sensitive business data when an employee leaves the company? Is it necessary to involve an IT support company while saying goodbye to an employee?

Here’s the simplest answer: it’s absolutely necessary to involve an IT support company! Why? Well, when an employee leaves the company, it’s fundamental to prevent the employee from accessing the company’s network, applications, and data.

Learn from JP Morgan Chase’s Mistakes: Six Ways To Keep Hackers Out Of Your Account

You probably have heard all the hubbub surrounding the JPMorgan Chase hacking event from last week. It has been all over the news. Reports claim that this hacking attempt is the largest hacking event against a commercial business ever.

But what can you do to ensure your company or personal banking information is safe and secure?

First off: Online banking is taking a risk no matter what bank you use or wherever you access your banking online.

Time To Retire Your Desktop PC in Exchange for Tablet Computers?

Tablet computer sales have exploded in the past few years, and for good reason: they’re the perfect devices for busy students and home users looking to stay connected; but they’re also super powerful business tools. Since the BYOD trend has evolved and the modern business environment has become more mobile than ever before, you might be ready to say goodbye to your desktop PC.

What makes more sense for your business? Should you invest in tablet computers or desktop PCs? While the desktop PC is most definitely past it’s prime, it’s far from useless; however, the tablet computer can be extremely beneficial as well!

Ready to give up your desktop PCs in exchange for tablet computers? Not so fast, let’s take a look at the benefits of a desktop PC in the workplace:

Multi-monitor flexibility: Nothing offers more flexibility in setting up multiple monitors like a desktop PC does! A typical desktop PC allows you to set up multiple monitors, depending on your unique needs, to stay productive and access a wider range of information at once.

Important Warning: Shellshock Strikes Yahoo Servers – Potentially Putting 800 Million Users’ Data at Risk!

In the past few weeks, you’ve probably heard some pretty scary news about Shellshock, the vulnerability that impacts “bash” software. According to some security researchers, Shellshock could potentially be more dangerous than Heartbleed, the open/SSL bug that posed a huge threat to businesses a few months ago!

So how does the vulnerability work? That’s simple: the vulnerability allows hackers to infect their own malicious code into bash.