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Enterprise-Level Technology Sized and Priced for Small Businesses: Why Your Business Must Look At Server Virtualization

Small to large companies across the country face many challenges in staying successful today. Whether they’re common every-day challenges like payroll, customer acquisition, customer retention, and staff morale, or challenges unique to your industry or the location of your business, you need to leverage the right information technology to smooth out your road.

The 7 Things You MUST Include in Your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan

Is your business prepared to weather an information technology disaster?

It’s more than just putting money aside to repair your computers if they break down. Imagine how much time you might lose if you couldn’t use your every-day electronic systems: being unable to access your important client records, kept from accessing your email or the Internet, or even having no access to your office phone lines when customers are trying to reach you.

Don’t Get OWNED By The Next Cyber Hacker!

Not Even the World’s Greatest Tech Institutes are Immune to Hacking

Recently, a mysterious Indian hacker compromised a sub domain of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  “Sahoo” restricted his digital mischief to some on-line graffiti posting,  “Massachusetts Institute of Technology  (MIT) g0t 0wned!!! Shocked???  Indian Hacker –Sadhoo- was here!!!”

No information was stolen during the course of the hack.

Are Your Digital Ducks In A Row?

Get your Digital Ducks in a Row Before a Cyber Insurance Audit

Increasingly, cyber insurance is viewed as an essential component of an organization’s overall IT strategy.  Cyber insurance can protect against losses incurred from a variety of sources including data breaches, malicious code and viruses, theft, intellectual property infringement – even defamation.

Have You Ever Dumped Your Starbucks Coffee On Your Laptop?

In the words of the great Ferris Bueller, “life moves pretty fast.”  And so do we!  We’re getting more work done, in more places at more unusual times than at any point in the past.   And the tech we’re packing?  Incredible.  Did you know that the average iPhone has 240,000 times more computing power than the Voyager I satellite?

But while this hectic pace has made us more productive, more competitive and more inspiring, it’s not without its drawbacks.

How Geolocation Data Collection Can be Useful to Businesses

In the age of rapid and constantly growing technology, geolocation is sneaking its way into just about every device and application we use. For some applications, it seems necessary, and for others the purpose is less clear, but consumers are accepting it anyways, because, why not?

When your location is tracked and recorded, it is typically meant to add value to the users experience.

Looking for an Upgrade? New Apple Products Set to Hit the Market This Year!

Attention all business owners, the news you’ve been waiting for is here! A new Apple iPad, and iPad mini might hit the market before the holiday shopping season. So get ready to implement a new device into your business practice.

Unfortunately, sales of Apple tablet products have lowered significantly since the last iPad release in 2012. Because tablets make up the second-largest source of revenue for Apple, it is pertinent that sales for their tablets increase soon.