Take Advantage of a Mobile Device Network to Bring Your Work Wherever You Go


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A modern business isn’t confined to the office anymore. You bring your work with you out on the go via your mobile devices. Whether you’ve got company smartphones or you allow your employees to access work email on their personal device, you’ve got to make sure your mobile network is properly managed and secured so you can’t be taken advantage of.

At Hanebutt, mobile device management (MDM) is not a cookie-cutter service. We meet with you to learn about what YOU need when it comes to MDM. We’ll analyze your business to learn about your needs, the types and number of mobile devices you want to incorporate into your network, and who you want to have access to what information in your business.

Let’s talk about how we can help keep YOUR mobile device network at its best so you can always rely on it. Contact us today at (913) 8_97-8000 or send an email to info@hanebutt.com.

Securing Your Network

  • We use multiple layers of protection, including enforced encryption, secure passcodes, device auto-lock, number of allowed failed passcodes, and per-user authorization, to ensure only you and your employees can access your data.
  • We keep your network monitored 24/7 to watch for unauthorized access or potential problems, and immediately address them if they arise.
  • We can remotely locate, lock, and even wipe mobile devices that have been lost or stolen.

Controlling Your Network

  • We’ll help you enroll employee and company-owned mobile devices into your mobile network, so you can easily keep track of what devices are authorized to access your data.
  • We’ll help you configure and apply corporate settings for Exchange, Wi-Fi, VPN, LDAP, and third-party email to all the devices that are part of your network.
  • We can help you avoid data plan overage charges by implementing automated alerts to come through when you’re approaching your data use threshold. If those alerts keep coming, we’ll help you look into increasing your data plan to something that makes sense for what you need.
  • We can generate customized reports that let you know how much data is being used, who is using it, and everything else going on in your mobile network.

Bring Your Own Device / Application (BYOD / BYOA)

  • We can help incorporate personal devices into your network and ensure they’re compatible with your systems.
  • We can keep business data separated from personal data on a personal device, so it’s easy for you to maintain control over your information.
  • We’ll consult with you on how to safely incorporate BYOD into your business, talking about how it will affect you, where you’ll save and need to spend money, and what kind of policies you will need to put in place in order to make sure it stays safe and complies with any regulations you face.

Ultimately, though, we want to know what YOU want from a mobile device network. We’ll ensure that you can always rely on your mobile devices to securely take your business with you wherever you go.

See for yourself how Hanebutt Technologies can change the way you look at your IT. Contact us to schedule a free no-obligation review of your Kansas City business systems by calling (913) 8_97-8000 or sending us an email at info@hanebutt.com today.

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