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When you think of disaster, it probably conjures up images of hurricanes and floods, or a terrible fire destroying your office. So you might be forgiven for thinking that it’s not all that likely to happen to the average business in Kansas City.

But disaster preparedness is about every-day problems too.

At Hanebutt, we help businesses prepare for any level of disaster, big or small. It could be as wide-sweeping as a tornado ripping through your office, or as simple as someone accidentally clicking delete on the wrong file. Anything that could set your business back – we help you prepare for it, so you can not only get your lost files back, but immediately get back to work in the face of any problem.

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Business continuity and disaster recovery means more than just backing up your files in a spare hard drive. We help you prepare for unexpected problems by having the right technology in place to make it easy to not only get back anything you lose, but to get back to work.

RECOVERY is what’s most important when it comes to business continuity, because most businesses that are hit by disaster end up closing their doors, even if they have insurance to cover the costs. Why? Because it isn’t about losing money – it’s about losing TIME. We make sure your time is conserved and it’s easy to keep working in the face of any disaster.

A Recovery Plan for Any Level of Disaster

Like we’ve said, you’re more likely to experience an “every-day disaster” than something major like a tornado or flood. That’s why it’s important to have a plan that’s about quick and easy recovery from any problem, even simple ones.

  • Together, we’ll determine the appropriate reactions to any level of disaster, including who does what, when they do it, and how it should be done.
  • The plan gets laid out step by step in plain English, so everyone knows their part and isn’t confused about how to react.
  • We’ll also set up triggers that start the different stages of your recovery plan, such as storm warnings or planned power outages, so you can be prepared to begin operations calmly in advance of problems whenever possible.

Backing Up Your Entire System

It’s not enough to just back up your files. When you’re working to recover from a disaster, you need access to everything you might have lost, right down to the settings on your computers. That’s why we image your systems, which means saving a virtual picture of how your systems look. That makes a huge difference:

  • Not only your files are backed up, but also your operating system(s), settings, and applications too. When you recover using an image backup, it’s like starting exactly where you left off.
  • We’ll save your image backups not only in your office for quick and easy use, but also offsite in a secure data center where they’ll be safe from any disaster that could damage your onsite equipment.
  • And if your onsite equipment IS ever damaged, we can use your image backups to spin up a virtual copy of your computer systems in the cloud. You can access that virtual environment from any computer that can go online, so it’s easy to keep working even if your entire office is destroyed.

Testing the Plan to Prove It Works

You don’t want to just assume that the backup process is working – assumptions are what get businesses into trouble. We prove that your recovery plan can work.

  • We’ll remotely monitor and test your backups every time to guarantee they’re working. If one backup fails, we’ll immediately restart the process.
  • We’ll also help you do a dry run of your entire recovery plan, so you can see for yourself how the plan works. We actually do a mock recovery using your backups, so everyone knows their part of the plan, and so you can see how easy it is to access your virtual system online if you need to.

Ultimately, though, we want to know what YOU need to feel prepared for the future. We’re here to ensure you’ve got the right tools and planning to survive anything Mother Nature or Human Error can throw your way.

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