Focusing on Your Needs First – Our Policy and Our Philosophy

Focusing on Your Needs First – Our Policy and Our Philosophy

It’s easy for a company to say that they put your needs first. Talk to any IT company out there, and they’ll all say that. It’s a lot harder to put your money where you mouth is and actually DO it.

We don’t pay lip service to your needs.

At Hanebutt, we’ve developed a set of policies that we adhere to in everything we do to ensure we stay focused on your needs. It’s too easy to fall into the trap of just doing the same thing over and over again and hoping no one complains. To ensure we don’t do that, we want you to know what our promises are to you, and make sure that YOU hold us accountable to them. If you think we’re breaking one of our promises, make sure you speak up and demand we fix the situation. We won’t stop until you’re satisfied.

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Above all else, we endeavour to treat everyone with respect, and we do mean everyone. That includes you, your employees, our own team members, and anyone else we interact with during our day. With you, it’s about treating you like a partner – you’ve put your trust in Hanebutt, and so we need to make sure you’re getting the best experience in return.

  • Hassle-Free: There’s no “tiers” of escalation when it comes to our IT service – if you partner with Hanebutt, you get access to the full experience of everyone on our team. All of our engineers are high level and able to help you with anything you require – there’s no job too big or too small for anyone on our team.
  • Communications are Key: It’s not your job to understand and interpret your IT needs; leave that to us. It’s OUR job to ensure that we stay on top of all your IT needs and keep you in the know, doing so with plain English and no technobabble or annoying jargon.


Too many IT companies only ever respond to you when there’s a problem, and then it takes forever to get them over to your office. We make sure to stay connected with you no matter what’s happening with your technology. If you’re not calling us, we’re popping in to see what’s going on. If nothing needs maintenance, we want to talk about new options and solutions that we can apply to help your business. We want to build this relationship with you and ensure that it lasts.

  • Availability and Prompt Responses: We can’t guarantee to be available to you every minute of every day – that’s not realistic, and we’re not hear to give you empty platitudes. What we DO promise is that we do our best to work within YOUR timelines. If you say an issue is urgent, we treat it like it’s urgent, and we’ll ensure it gets prompt attention from our team. More than that – we follow through on our promises, and we follow up on the results.
  • Check In Regularly: We make it a point to stay in touch with you regularly, even if it’s just for a 5-10 minute conversation every now and then. We’ll make sure everything’s working well, do any necessary tune-ups on your systems, and talk about what else we can do to help out. Expect to see us regularly! We want to be on a first-name basis with you and your employees.


It’s too easy to just start thinking of your technology as our own and go off to do what we like with it. While that might sound not too bad on the surface (not having to deal with problems is always great!), you deserve better than that. We want you to know what’s going on with your IT so you can make the right decisions about your investments and your future, and we never want you to feel trapped with our service. If you’re going to work with us, it should be because you respect us and like what we do, not because we’ve made it too hard for you to leave.

  • Present Options: We’re not here to try to lock you into something. It’s not about what we want – it’s about what’s best for you and your business. That’s why we listen first, understand what you want and what you need, and then recommend the solutions that we think are best for you. We make sure to let you know what each option entails as far as your budget, your timeline, and how it will impact your business, and then you can make an informed decision.
  • Best Practices: We’re not here to just try to make a quick buck by selling you our favourite (and most expensive) products. We thoroughly vet the products and solutions that we work with to ensure they work well, and that’s why we recommend them to you – but if they aren’t right for your needs, we’re going to work together to find better alternatives. It’s all about the result, not the product.

Ultimately, though, we want to know what YOU want from your IT support company. We’ve told you what our priorities are – what are yours? Let us know what we need to live up to in order to be a good partner for you; we’re ready to meet the challenge.

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